It’s when we’re young that we first learn about dreams. Some kids want to become teachers, firefighters, or astronauts. I, like a lot kids, wanted to be a professional athlete. Catching the game winning pass in the Super Bowl was the only option for me. I was certain that a life of fame and fortune was in my future. After watching “Like Mike” for the first time, I remember confidently telling my Dad that I was going to be an NBA player instead of an NFL player.

Eventually I came to the realization that I probably wasn’t going to become a professional athlete. I was a pretty good athlete, but I didn’t have┬áthose elite abilities that could propel me to the Majors. My life has always revolved around sports, so I decided to chase a new dream. As a pretty decent writer, I thought sports journalism was the next obvious career path for me.

During my freshman year of high school, I created my own shitty blog — similar to this one but with worse grammar. It was around this time that I noticed something unsettling start to happen. After every off season, more and more retired athletes would make their way onto sports media networks.

Journalists used to dominate sports shows on every network. I can’t for the life of me understand why networks like ESPN thought professional athletes could provide insight to a game they played at a high level. It doesn’t make any sense. You’re telling me Hall of Fame wide receiver, Cris Carter, would be better at analyzing game film than Adam Schefter? Schefter’s a Northwestern graduate! Journalism is all he has.schefter

The most recent athlete to shatter what’s left of my sports journalism dreams is Tony Romo. Romo announced today that he will retire and sign with CBS — taking Phil Simms’ place as Jim Nantz’s partner in the booth. Although Romo never made the Super Bowl as a player, he is in line to call Super Bowl LIII as a broadcaster. Romo has had no experience as a broadcaster, but it’s nice to see that CBS is confident in his abilities to lead their team to the big game.RomoWTFBro

With no experience as a broadcaster and with no experience in the Super Bowl, Romo has given all of us guys with no experience some hope. My future looks a little brighter today. Anything is possible. Maybe I will catch a game winning pass in the Super Bowl. Because who needs experience anyway?