The Carolinas have been on quite a tear over the past year. Clearly being the home of four schools to win Division I national championships (Coastal Carolina — baseball, Clemson — football, North Carolina — men’s basketball, South Carolina — women’s basketball) wasn’t enough. Many wondered how North Carolina and South Carolina could possibly follow-up those incredible athletic feats. Well, the Carolinas are at it again. Last night in Columbia, S.C. the existence of God was confirmed during a minor league baseball game.


Tim Tebow stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the second inning. After only registering four hits during spring training with the Mets, Tebow stared down pitcher Domenic Mazza in his first at-bat with the Columbia Fireflies. It’s no coincidence Domenic Mazza was drafted with pick 666 in the 2015 MLB draft. This was the ultimate good versus evil showdown. Tebow launched the Mazza pitch over the left field fence for an opposite field homer. Tebow sprinted around the bases but stopped at second. As a virgin, Tebow was hesitant going past second base. Although nervous and scared, Tebow continued all the way home. Who cares if the Columbia Fireflies won or lost? Tebow homered. God exists. The end.

On a more serious, the ridicule Tim Tebow gets is completely unjustified, and frankly, I don’t understand it. Tebow is simply a guy who loves sports and stops at nothing to achieve his goals. He’s arguably one of the greatest college football players of all time. Tebow worked hard enough to become an NFL starter and win a playoff game. And now he’s pursuing a baseball career with the Mets low-A minor league affiliate. Obviously it’s unlikely that he’ll make it to the majors. I guarantee any guy in America would love to have had Tebow’s career path. Who knows what Tebow’s next endeavor will be? But I guarantee it’s something he loves to do.