Before making his way to the CBS broadcast booth this fall, Tony Romo is set to suit up in the Dallas Mavericks season finale against the Denver Nuggets . Yes, you read that correctly. To pay tribute to Romo’s career with the Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban offered Romo a one day contract.


It’s unlikely that Romo will see any playing time. However, with the playoffs out of the question and with Mark Cuban as the owner anything is possible. Tony Romo will most likely take in the game from his court-side seat on the bench. It’s okay; he got a lot of practice there last season.

All jokes aside, Romo actually does have some basketball experience. As a senior at Burlington High School, Romo averaged 24.5 points per game on his way to becoming an all state player.

Regardless of the hate Romo may get for this, it is a brilliant move by Mark Cuban. The Mavs have had an awful year, and I’m sure many fans are ready for this season to be over with. Mark Cuban took a meaningless game between two teams already eliminated from the playoffs and made it interesting. Cuban knows how beloved Romo is in the Dallas area, and he used that perfectly to his advantage. The stands will be filled just to see Romo in uniform on the bench. I’m sure the “We want Romo” chants will rain down from the stands as the fans try to peer pressure Rick Carlisle into letting Romo get some playing time. Whether Romo sees any minutes or not, I’m sure he’ll be a more productive point guard than Rondo was for the Mavs.


Also I am aware that this is my second article regarding Tony Romo. I’d like to offer my sincerest apologies. With the NHL and NBA playoffs starting soon, I promise this will be my last Romo article until football season…unless Romo puts up a triple-double against the Nuggets. If that’s the case, I’ll see you tomorrow folks.