It’s the worst part of your week again. Jesus may have risen, but even He can’t save you from Monday.


Before you have to drag yourself out of bed, I’d like to share a short video that’ll hopefully get your week started on a positive note.

The Capitals postseason history has been marred by epic collapses and game 7 shortcomings. After a tough loss to the Leafs Saturday night, many Caps fans are on edge yet again. There have been, however, a few bright spots in the playoffs for the Caps. Let’s go back five years ago to when the Caps fought for their playoff lives in Boston against the defending Stanley Cup champions.

“GOOD MORNING! GOOD AFTERNOON! AND GOODNIGHT BOSTON! THE KING IS DEAD!” John Walton with one of my favorite play-by-play calls of all-time. Still gives me chills. I hope Joel Ward makes your Monday a little better. And if you’re a Boston fan, you can get the hell out. God forbid your team lost for once. You people win a championship every year. Let someone else have a chance.

Oh and this article is completely worthless if the Caps don’t win game 3 against the Maple Leafs on Monday night. Let’s gear up for another heart attack, Caps fans. Happy Monday!