The NFL released the schedule for the 2017 season Thursday night — proving just how arrogant the NFL is. With the NBA and NHL playoffs in full swing, the NFL didn’t miss the opportunity to show the world what league dominates the sports industry. During the midst of NBA and NHL playoff games, the NFL dropped its schedule. And for that moment at 8 p.m. on the East coast, the sports world stopped to see who their favorite team is set to play this season. The NBA and NHL tweets halted. Fans calculated wins and losses, and according to every fan base there’s no reason their team shouldn’t go 12-4.calculations

After the release of the Ravens schedule, I don’t have too much to complain about. But because I’m a Ravens fan, I’m gonna find something to whine about. The Ravens start the season with three very winnable games. Feel free to have a beer with breakfast during week 3 because the Ravens game in London against the Jags is a 9:30 a.m. kickoff. It’s custom for the NFL to give teams playing in London a bye the next week because of travel. However, the Ravens requested to have their bye later in the year so players could use that time to recover from injuries. The NFL granted the Ravens wish. So who do we get after London? The Steelers at home. Gee thanks NFL.ravens schedule

Is it me or is every meaningful December game against the Steelers always in Pittsburgh and on prime time? The Ravens will play the Steelers in Pittsburgh on December 10 on Sunday Night Football. This game will surely have huge playoff implications, and once again the Ravens will have to play the road underdog role.

The Ravens will, however, host two prime time games. The Ravens host the Dolphins on Thursday Night Football on Oct. 26. [Side bar: The Thursday night game is always the worst of the week and needs to be abolished.] For the first time in five years, the Ravens will host a Monday Night Football game. The Texans will come into town for a Monday night bout on Nov. 27.

Overall there isn’t too much to complain about with this schedule. The Ravens have the easiest September schedule in the NFL. Their bye week is placed perfectly. After a game in Tennessee against a tough Titans team, the Ravens will rest up and prepare for a battle with Aaron Rodgers in Lambeau. The Ravens will close out the regular season with two home games and won’t be playing a week 17 game in Cincinnati for once.


The Steelers have a six game stretch against the Titans, Packers, Bengals, Ravens, Patriots, and Texans. Although 4 of those 6 games are at home, that’s a brutal stretch against six contenders.