Commissioner Rob Manfred is going to pretend to hate everything that transpired between the Red Sox and Orioles over the past two series. If you don’t know what I’m talking about by now, google it. It was a complete shit show. Apparently Rob Manfred reached out to both teams and essentially told them to cut the shit; he was fed up with the antics. I don’t believe that for one second. This Red Sox-Orioles feud is GREAT for baseball. Here we have two teams in the same division playing heated games and it’s not even mid-May. This rivalry is only going to get more intense over the course of the season. The TV networks are licking their chops right now. Not only do they have Red Sox-Yankees, but now they get Red Sox-Orioles too. In the middle of the NBA and NHL playoffs, people are talking about baseball. So don’t tell me you’re ‘tired of the antics’, Rob Manfred. You love this drama, and you’re probably telling the Red Sox and Orioles to keep up the good work.

the slide

At the center of all this drama is Manny Machado. Over the past two weeks, Machado has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. First it was his slide, and then it was his post game rant about how all of this is ‘bullshit fucking coward stuff’. I’m honestly surprised he said ‘stuff’ instead of ‘shit’.

It goes without saying — a lot of people don’t like Manny Machado. This goes back way before this Red Sox drama. Machado came into the league knowing he was the shit. That in itself is going to piss some people off. There was also an incident in which Machado threw is bat at the A’s. Once again, not exactly a likable move.


Oh and then there was that time Yordano Ventura hit Machado. After throwing Machado inside one too many times, Manny charged the mound and let Ventura have it. Ventura ended up dying…in a car accident; not from the fight.


Manny Machado didn’t come into the league trying to make friends; there’s no doubt about that. Machado is the best defensive player in Major League Baseball, and he is well on his way to being one of the best hitters. Machado is set to become a free agent and will be highly valued this off season. He may be widely disliked, but teams recognize that this young super star is going to be the face of the league one day. At least it’s unlikely Machado will end up signing with the Red Sox. That’s one less team the Orioles have to worry about.