By now you’re fully aware of the impending misery that awaits you when that alarm goes off tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, Monday is here again. This past weekend was quite eventful for sports fans. The Kentucky Derby was on Saturday, the Orioles swept the White Sox, the Caps fought off elimination, and LeBron dismantled another franchise.

What LeBron James has been doing to the Eastern Conference is utterly ridiculous, and I hope no one is taking it for granted. LeBron is 11-0 in the postseason since last year’s finals against the Warriors, and he has registered 11 career post season sweeps. LeBron James is single-handedly dismantling franchises and making it look easy. Eastern Conference teams are building rosters to stop LeBron, and LeBron makes them look like fools every single time (i.e. the Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards).

LeBron is at his peak, and I hope everyone can appreciate what he is accomplishing. Can you imagine what the NBA is going to look like when LeBron steps away from the game? Let’s reminisce for a moment. Check out this insane dunk over John Lucas.