Saturday night the Ottawa Senators bested Sidney Crosby’s Pittsburgh Penguins in the Eastern Conference Finals. Eastern Conference Finals? I know what you’re thinking, and I’m just as confused as you.


I admit that I’m somewhat of a casual fan when it comes to hockey. I’ll watch the big games and the playoffs, but by no means am I going to choose the NHL over the NFL in the fall. I thought I knew enough about hockey to understand how the playoffs work. My world was shook last night when I saw the Pens and Senators playing. I assumed it was just a replay of some regular season game. I was dumbfounded when I heard Pierre McGuire’s angelic voice say “We’ll be right back to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins and Ottawa Senators battle it out for a chance to play for Lord Stanley’s cup”.


What was this nonsense, Pierre? Who is Lord Stanley? What’s up with his cup? What does hockey have to do with medieval times? As far as I’m concerned, the NHL playoffs consist of the first and second round. That’s it. Period. I don’t understand what these teams are playing for when the best team has already been decided.

The Caps won the Presidents’ Trophy for the second straight year and reached the second round of the playoffs for the SECOND straight year. They’re literally at the pinnacle of the sport. There is nothing left to accomplish for this Caps team.

The Caps dominance has been so unprecedented that the NHL had to create another tournament after the second round to decide who the runner-up to the Caps is. Stay classy NHL. The Caps don’t want to play in your stupid post second round postseason anyway. The Washington Capitals play for trophies not cups.